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Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members of the open ESPA-X community of interest.


Since the company was founded, we have always endeavored to optimize our internal processes through software solutions and to make them comprehensible to our service customers at all times. Since 2004 alarm server solutions are a further business field. With the MAS and the necessary continuous development and adaptation to various third-party systems and customer requirements, this business area is constantly gaining in importance. If at the beginning exclusively different interfaces to the Ericsson telecommunication solutions are integrated, since 2007 continuously also other manufacturers like e.g.: Mitel-Aastra, Philips, NEC and the existing interfaces are implemented.

With the business year 2008 the Asperi GmbH concentrates mainly on the further development and marketing of alarm server solutions with selected manufacturers, ITK system houses, installers in the B2B business. It is worked very consequently in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the won partners to update and extend the solution possibilities. Inquiries from end customers and users are forwarded to our authorized and certified partners.

Constantly existing solutions on the market are searched to connect them with an interface to our alarm server MAS, if necessary. Thus, in 2014/2015, the connection of the wireless light call system Gets Wireless to the MAS was successfully carried out with the company GETS from Switzerland. Furthermore, since the beginning of 2015, various cost-effective solutions with voice alarm and text-to-speech based on the MAS are now possible.

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Asperi GmbH
Rostocker Str. 9

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Tel.: +49 38207 74688
Fax: +49 700277 37400

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Holger Jonas
Technical Director


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