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Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members of the open ESPA-X community of interest.


surface systems

We are a technically leading supplier of fully automatic painting plants and paint application systems for surfaces in very high quality. We are specialized in special surface qualities, coating thicknesses and the development of specific dosing and application processes.

Important key components such as painting robots, paint supply systems, dosing technology, atomizing and color change systems as well as hardware and software for plant control are developed and manufactured by us. In close cooperation with customers, paint manufacturers and suppliers, the products are continuously improved and adapted to the latest requirements.

The painting processes are developed and tested in our own test facilities. Combined with modern project management, this enables us to realize the shortest possible project lead times and high planning reliability.

Even after handover of the turnkey painting plant, we continue to support our customers and offer start-up and production support, technical service and training. Representations at home and abroad ensure fast and competent support.

Companies based in Germany


b+m surface systems GmbH
Meininger Weg 10

Contact details

Tel.: +49 6672 92 92-0
Fax: +49 6672 92 92-82 50

Contact person(s)

Pascal Richter
Simulation and Virtual Commissioning
Tel.: +49 6672 92 92-115


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