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Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members of the open ESPA-X community of interest.

CoSi electronics

We are a flexible, innovative company with the medium-term goal of revolutionising call systems in care facilities, hospitals, schools and public institutions, integrating private personal emergency calls as a matter of course in people's everyday lives and simplifying the indoor location of devices and inventory items.

We want to exceed the safety requirements of current standards, reduce installation and commissioning times and lower the overall costs for operators and end users.

Our CLAS solution (CoSi Location & Altering System)

is the focus of our development activities. Here we integrate the latest radio-based and/or wired alarm technology, redundant digital transmission paths, remote-capable parameterisation and maintenance functions, as well as comprehensive analysis tools, to create an innovative, future-proof complete solution for a wide range of personal emergency call and location tasks.

Where no digital emergency call technology can or should be used by customers at present, CoSi offers various alternative emergency call products for communication via the analogue telephone network. Most of these products are compatible with the senior emergency call solution SeCom from the manufacturer Avaya.

Companies based in Germany


CoSi electronics GmbH
Bodenseestraße 39
Pfullendorf / Aach-Linz

Contact details

Tel.: +49 7552 38 799-0

Contact person(s)

Wolfgang Beppler
Software Developer Data Protocols


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