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Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members of the open ESPA-X community of interest.


easierLife is a provider of innovative emergency call and assistance solutions. This essentially involves active as well as passive (automatic) alarming.

In addition to the alerting, "I am well" or "Everything is okay" notifications are also generated. Using a flexible escalation engine, both private helpers (relatives, friends, neighbours) and professional helpers (nursing service, care personnel, 24*7 alarm reception point) can be involved. In order to ensure direct communication in an emergency, easierLife supports channels such as push notifications, SMS, voice messages (IVR) and hands-free communication via mobile radio or VoIP. In the professional environment, call systems or telephone systems with DECT terminals are very frequently used. ESPA-X shall be used to enable a complete integration of call system, telephone system and the easierLife platform.

Companies based in Germany


easierLife GmbH
Herrenstraße 50a

Contact details

Tel.: +49 721 18030811

Contact person(s)

Klaus Bscheid
Managing Director Business Development
Tel.: +49 163 4900460
Sebastian Chiriac
Managing Director Product Management
Tel.: +49 173 7089711


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