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Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members of the open ESPA-X community of interest.


Saving Lives. Optimising Processes. Reducing Costs.


Optimal preparation for and care of emergency patients

With NIDAprofessional, the clinic team receives comprehensive information about the patient even before the ambulance arrives. Emergencies can be coordinated at an early stage and the patient is quickly provided with the right personnel and the necessary equipment. Patient data and rescue service protocols can be comprehensively integrated into the HIS.

Save time through an automated alarm chain

NIDAprofessional offers all modules of NIDAcomfort, but goes a decisive step further. On the NIDAarrivalboard, all essential data of an emergency patient are personalized and visualized at a glance on an unlimited number of PC workstations. Critical values are highlighted:

  • Display of the emergency event
  • Prioritisation of the emergency
  • Estimated time of arrival at the clinic
  • Initial diagnosis according to the Divi protocol
  • Critical parameters, such as circulation, GCS, intubated, i-status

At the same time, even before the ambulance arrives, a case-related chain of alarms can be triggered automatically by telephone or beeper in the clinic. In addition, the results of standardized queries, e.g. for stroke or heart attack patients, can be displayed visually on any number of computers and announced acoustically. The clinic can thus put together the necessary equipment and the right emergency team and take immediate action when the patient arrives.

Companies based in Germany


medDV GmbH
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Daniel Fritzsche


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