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Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members of the open ESPA-X community of interest.


caring systems

P.SYS caring systems Active Assisted Living company dedicated to the safety and comfort of the elderly, their families and caregivers.

Based on years of experience in system development in semiconductor and nanotechnology, a non-invasive assistance system is developed to enable elderly people to live independently.

The founders Bart Scholte van Mast and Elise van Harxen bring years of know-how from different positions in semiconductor and nanotechnology.

In the development they are supported by a team from the fields of medical technology, mathematics, electronics and statistics. Well-known methods from more than 50 years of research and development experience are applied to alternative use cases.

Based on a personal incident in the family environment of the founders, the path towards Active Assisted Living was set. P.SYS caring systems sees itself as an enabler of self-determined living in old age.

Companies based in Austria


P.SYS caring systems GmbH
Gritschacher Strasse 27

Contact details

Tel.: +43 4242 22503

Contact person(s)

Bart Scholte van Mast
General Manager / Technology Development
Tel.: +43 676 9109 406


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