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Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all members of the open ESPA-X community of interest.


your specialist in business telecommunications

Our vision

Today, an organization and its employees must be available anywhere, anytime, and have access to specific data and applicable applications using the most logical device available.

What do we offer?

Telecom Services offers hardware and software oriented communication products and services focused on renewing / improving communication, reducing costs and / or increasing accessibility.

Why are we different?

You have 'googled', talked to colleagues, friends and acquaintances. You have (partially) formulated your communication ideas. You now want to talk to a service provider who thinks with you and advises you correctly, where you know that professionalism, flexibility and service orientation prevail.

Companies based in Netherlands


Telecom Service Oost B.V.
Edisonstraat 2c
7601 PS

Contact details

Tel.: +31 546 546 546

Contact person(s)

Jos Scholten


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