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healthcare solutions

Televic has been your reliable and innovative manufacturer for many years for call stations, buttons and associated infrastructure. However, as a leader in the rapidly evolving electronics market, we support you in your entire alarm flow.

The House of Solutions

In 2018, we launched 'the House of Solutions'. Since then, Televic no longer just delivers buttons and little lights, but the entire infrastructure needed to make a healthcare facility 'electronically complete'. Why? Because we felt the need from the market. Due to the many, rapid changes in the sector, many people no longer saw the wood for the trees. Little experienced or even dubious parties installed 'unseen electronic scenarios'. With all the consequences: large investments often hardly resulted in technical progress.

Because of these stories, we chose a different path. A path with which we are convinced that, with our experience in the healthcare sector, we offer added value to every customer. In every part of the House of Solutions we offer high-performance equipment.

Companies based in Belgium


Televic Healthcare NV
Leo Bekaertlaan 1

Contact details

Tel.: +32 51 33 18 76

Contact person(s)

Kurt Danneel
General Manager – Televic Healthcare Solutions
Tel.: +32 51 30 30 45


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